Fast consumer credit, the solutions to get a loan without delay.

Speed ​​is one of the first criteria when looking for consumer credit. We will see how to apply for fast consumer credit, but above all make sure to get a favorable response.

What is a consumer loan?

Consumer credit, short for consumer credit, designates all loans not affected by real estate, the amount of which exceeds 200 USD, and / repaid in more than 90 days. There are several categories of consumer credit:

  • Revolving credit or small credit (generally less than 3000 $)
  • Personal loan without proof of use
  • Auto credit
  • The works loan
  • Credit repurchase solutions

You must first know what type of consumer loan is best suited to your need before embarking on a fast credit search . The car loan or work requires for example to provide proof. It would be a shame to request one without having this element in mind. We will see how, thanks to a comparator, all types of loans can correspond to fast consumer credit.

How to find a fast consumer credit?

Our credit comparator was set up to avoid being faced with a loan that was refused, or accepted and then refused once the supporting documents were provided. Here’s how to get a consumer credit online quickly, namely an immediate response in principle and a contract proposal within 24 to 48 hours.

1. Select the type of consumer credit desired, the amount required and a consistent repayment period on our credit questionnaire.
2. Complete the four steps in four to five minutes.
3. The organization offering the best APR rate for the desired fast consumer credit is immediately questioned.
4. In the event of a positive response (acceptability> 50%) at the best rate, a confirmation is sent by email within 24 hours.
5. When the best organization refuses the request, the second, and / or the third can be queried with a single click. Or two more chances to get an immediate deal.

Why is the APR rate so important?

The APR rate (annual effective annual rate) is the benchmark for consumer credit. Incorporating both interest and any administrative costs, it allows, once linked to the repayment period, to calculate the real cost of a loan. Our comparator is only based on the APR rate to classify the different offers of fast consumer credit. It is also updated on a regular basis. Impossible to miss out on a cheap consumer credit.

The Importance of an Online Credit Comparator

Comparing credit offers online can maximize your chances of getting cheap credit. Specialists such as Bankate, Bankil and even Yoabank generally have the best rates on the market. Their offers are however very different according to the criteria of fast consumer credit selected. Our various comparisons show that the interest on the same consumer loan can vary from simple to triple. Regarding the rates of banks, dealers or other players, they are on average less attractive than those of online specialists.

Fast online credit: what is the minimum time to receive the money?

The average time to receive money from a fast online consumer loan is between 12 and 15 days . It is indeed necessary to take into account a legal and incompressible deadline of eight days, which all the specialists must respect before paying the money. Here is how a fast consumer loan request is compensated according to our model:

  • Comparison of APR rates and immediate response
  • Receipt of the non-binding credit contract (24h to 48h)
  • Assembling of supporting documents and sending of the fast consumer credit contract (24h)
  • Final response from the credit institution (7 to 10 days)
  • Receipt of funds in his bank account, provided that the period of 8 days from the date of signature of the contract is respected.

What is the fastest consumer credit to get?

The quickest way to get money is to use the money available on an existing revolving credit agreement . In this case, the amount will be received in his bank account within 24 to 48 hours. The APR rate may be affected, but this solution can save difficult situations. Holders of an active revolving credit must receive a renewal form every year, and therefore cannot miss the information.

Fast consumer credit: the specifics project by project

Let’s review the main concepts to know about each fast consumer credit project present on our comparator.

Personal loan

The personal loan is a credit without proof of use of money. It can be requested as well to redecorate, travel or even buy a new car from an individual. Rates vary widely from one specialist to another: using a comparator can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Small credit lower than 4000 USD

Any request less than or equal to the 4000 USD credit points to the best revolving credit solutions. This small consumer loan is easier to obtain than a personal loan, or any other consumer loan. The small revolving credit works on the principle of the reserve of money. Once the contract is open, it is therefore possible to draw on the reserve at any time. Please note, however, that the revisable – not fixed – APR rate indicates that it may change. However, the rate is often very high (close to the rate of wear or equivalent) when using the money in the reserve.

New or used car loan

New or used car credit is a credit known as “allocated” to a specific purchase. It is therefore conditioned by the sending of a supporting document, namely the vehicle order form. In return, the rates are generally more advantageous than those of conventional credit, without proof.

The works loan

The work loan works on the same model as that of the car loan. It takes the vast majority of the time to provide proof to the lender. The rates are, there again, more advantageous than those of a credit without proof.

Redemption of credits

Credit redemption is a consumer credit product. The principle consists in grouping several credits in a single monthly payment, easier to repay. To request a grouping of credits, simply select “redemption” on our comparator.

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